Product care

Product care

The leathers used for our products are all natural and of high quality.

To preserve the technical and aesthetic qualities of the leather, clean the surface with a soft cloth and a specific product, avoiding the use of other types of detergent.

Store the bag in a dry, cool place, filling it with paper to maintain its shape, taking care to leave the shoulder straps and handles on the outside. If the product comes into contact with water, dry the leather as quickly as possible, dab gently with a dry cloth and leave in a ventilated place.


Leather products cannot be cleaned with water, solvents or derivatives, do not dry clean, do not iron. Do not leave the product in direct contact with other leathers, plastic bags or nylon which could alter its characteristics.



Greased leathers" may, depending on the weather conditions, release oily substances, which are easily wiped off with a dry cloth. Leathers with a silky, soft hand, under particular conditions of humidity, fear contact with materials that may release colour. 


The special processing and non-uniformity of the leather enhances the uniqueness of each product. The colour of the article may vary over time: it is advisable to protect it from excessive exposure to light sources and staying in a humid environment.